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Friday, July 25, 2008

SUV drivers and their phoney "patriotism"

You’ve seen ‘em – the huge, gas-gulping SUVs and Hummers roaring down the streets of NYC. Just why a person would need such a truck (I don’t think of them as cars) in a town such as ours is beyond the scope of this post. What gets me is when their owners decide to display their alleged patriotism with American flags or bumper stickers stating “support our troops!”

What’s going on in the heads of these people? Each time these guys fill their tanks they are sending a check to Crown Prince Abdullah and his cronies in Saudi Arabia, a nation which has, to be charitable, a …’mixed’ record on terrorism. And isn’t it the world’s dependence on oil that is behind so much of the tension in much of this world?

If such individuals really wanted to help their nation, and prevent more Americans from dying due to IEDs, they would be pedaling bicycles or, at least, driving compact cars.

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