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Friday, December 07, 2007

Saving Old Astoria Village

Many folks have never heard of this historic neighborhood, reduced to a few blocks between 12th and 14th Streets south of Astoria Park. For years it was home to some stately and handsome homes and churches from the days when Astoria was essentially a suburb, and later a part of Long Island City when it was, indeed, a separate city.

Unfortunately, the developers knew about it, and they've come in force. Without landmark protection, many of the beautiful old homes in OAV were torn down and replaced by ugly multi-family "Fedders Houses." It's truly tragic.

My hope is that the good people left in OAV will soon start mobilizing for landmark protection.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Why 2 Rite Aids back to back?

Lots of people have complained about the deluge in chain drug stores around town. But Sunnyside has the dubious honor of having 2 Rite Aid stores next store to one another. The monstrosity happened as a result of Rite Aid's having gobbled up Eckerd's.

Sunnyside now has at least four Rite Aids. How do these places stay in business?