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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Anti-Landmarking Fearmongers Were Wrong!

Remember all the hoopla concerning the Landmarks Preservation Commission's designation of Sunnyside Gardens as a Historic District? Landmarking, opponents said, would lead to terrible hardships for residents, especially the poor and elderly, many of whom would be forced to leave the area because they could not afford to maintain their homes if they had to follow LPC regulations. 

Well, SG has been a Historic District for several years now, and of course the fearmongers' propaganda has proven to be groundless.  Not only has there not been a mass exodus of residents who could not afford to maintain their homes, but the additional protection offered by landmark status has prevented unscrupulous homeowners from making ugly "improvements" such as car ports, high fences and extensions.  

Some critics not ready to give up the ship will protest that home prices in Sunnyside Gardens have been increasing, and from what I have heard they are.  But is that not the case in all of Western Queens, indeed, most of NYC? 


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