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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One More Step Towards Landmarking Sunnyside Gardens!

Today the NYC Council's Landmarks sub-committee voted 9 to 0 to approve landmarking for Sunnyside Gardens, New York's most successful planned community. This is yet more good news for perservationists and lovers of our town's history.

Located 20 minutes from Manhattan and just north of Queens Blvd, SG is a beautiful oasis of small homes and low-rise apartment houses, surrounded by plenty of green space. Architecture and urban planning students study the Gardens all of the time, and for good reason.

Landmarking has been a cantankerous issue for Gardens residents, largely due to a small contingent of arrogant, noisy neighbors who either want the freedom to do whatever they want to their homes (such as put in illegal carports), or believe their own race-baiting propaganda. They made a lot of noise at a few meetings, but quickly shrank into insignificance after the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to classify Sunnyside Gardens as a Historic District.

If you've never seen SG, Fall or Spring is the best time to go. Just take the 7 train to 46 St, and exit at the 47th Street staircase. Go up 47th north of Queens Blvd and you'll see it.

To view the Landmarks Preservation Commission's beautiful presentation on SG, click here. Then visit the site of the Sunnyside Gardens Preservation Alliance.


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