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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why do they call it an "Egg Cream?"

After all, it typically has neither as an ingredient.

I have gotten several inquiries on this topic, typically from folks who have fond memories of this remarkable soda fountain drink, typically made from seltzer water, syrup and a small amount of milk. The origin of the term is a mystery, although some people from the Bronx have told me that they have, indeed, had such concoctions which had a small amount of egg white mixed in -presumably to create a thick, frothy head. And others have told me that they have enjoyed the drink with a small amount of heavy cream, or a dollop of ice cream.

As in a game of Fire Escape Basketball, there are no official rules for making an egg cream. Each "Soda Jerk," (as practitioners of the art have historically been called - and not with derision) has had his/her own recipe. And, like a properly-poured pint of Guinness, there's a certain skill in preparing a good one. But most have called for Fox's U-Bett syrup, milk and real seltzer water - from a fountain or siphon. I have tried homemade egg creams created with bottled seltzer; bottled soda water is to the fountain type what real draught beer is to what you get in a can. It just doesn't cut it.

Fortunately, there has been a revival of interest in the egg cream, and more and more restaurants have been offering them - of varying quality. One place actually made them at your table, with the waitress bringing over a siphon bottle. I've gotten inquiries from many countries asking where one can get a really good egg cream in NYC, and I honestly can't say. If anyone has a recommendation, please post it.


At 11:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I for one would love to know where I can get an old-fashioned vanilla egg cream. I loved going after school to any candy store with a fountain for one. Doug E.

At 9:24 PM , Blogger Tony the Tour Guy said...

Actually, egg creams are becoming quite popular again, and many diners and restaurants feature them. I don't recall any real, old-fashioned ice cream parlor/soda fountain shops, however.

The best egg cream I've had in years was at a small place in Chelsea, but it's gone now.


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